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At Ross and Associates, we are not just builders we are creators of exceptional living spaces and commercial properties that embody luxury, innovation, and sophistication. With a commitment to excellence and an unwavering passion for design, we transform your vision into reality.

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Empowering Dreams, Building Realities

Your Trusted Construction Partner !

Ross & Associates, a Construction Management & General Contracting firm based in New York City, boasts a rich legacy of over two decades dedicated to serving our valued clients. As a family-owned and operated business, we take immense pride in cultivating enduring partnerships with our clientele. With roots that extend back nearly a century within the construction industry, our expertise runs deep.
Our exceptional team, comprising professionals with diverse construction backgrounds and specialties, equips us with the distinctive ability to execute even the most intricate projects with precision and within budgetary constraints. Carefully curated and structured, our field and management teams stand as a paragon of reliability and commitment in the industry. At the heart of our tradition of excellence lies experience and unwavering loyalty, values that our management group tirelessly upholds with each client interaction.

"Precision in Every Detail Building the Future with Unmatched Expertise"


We provide a comprehensive suite of construction services that cover the entire project lifecycle,
from the initial planning stages to project completion.



We Giving all The Quality with The Property

At Ross and Associates, we believe that every structure should tell a unique story, embodying the aspirations and vision of its owners. Our philosophy revolves around a seamless blend of creativity, functionality, and sustainability, ensuring that each project not only meets the highest standards of quality but also harmonizes with its natural surroundings.

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At Ross and Associates we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled construction services that transcend the ordinary, elevating every project to a masterpiece of architectural brilliance.

The project consists of 54 high end condominiums & three (3) retail spaces on the ground floor and cellar. The penthouse unit …

This project called for the conversion of an existing 5-story structure into a 22-story residential building. The building will consist of 109 …

The L’Ecole is a 35-story residential building. When originally erected in 1979 is was a rental building. Since then we have converted …

An existing landmarked 5 story brownstone in the heart of Greenwich Village is being converted into a single family residence. In addition …

Originally a 228,638 SF retail and office building the redevelopment of the property added 718,357 SF of retail and office space. The …

Renovation of this existing 62,000 square foot urban shopping center included fit out of individual retail tenant spaces as well creating a …

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